Emergency Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Emergency Metal Roof Repair Services

Following a hail storm, your roof will need emergency metal roof repair and be assessed for damage by a Hail Damage Roofer who is a commercial metal roofing specialist.

Hail storms can cause major devastation. Owners of buildings in Texas and nearby states are very aware of all of the devastation that can be caused by hailstorms on a commercial metal building. Damage expenses can run up to millions of dollars.

The serious damage that can be caused by hailstorms on buildings includes destroying the exterior of the property, severe roof damage, and shattered windows. If you are a commercial property owner in the state of Texas, you have most likely seen the type of damage that can be caused by a hailstorm, even ones that are not severe. Once your building’s roof is damaged, its ability to keep your commercial property protected against water has been compromised.

Following any type of severe weather condition such as high winds, thunderstorms, etc., your roof needs to be visually inspected for any signs of damage. They include any cracks or fractures, punctures in the membrane of the roof, or indented areas. Those are definitely signs of damage that need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair ContractorsHowever, some damage that hail causes may not be so obvious. Sometimes it is not easy for untrained eyes to detect roof damage. Leaks can continue to worsen for a very long time without you being aware of it. If you have discolored ceilings or walls, or there is water dripping down even though it hasn’t rained for weeks, then an old hailstorm might have caused the damage.

Even if there are no visible leaks, the roof membrane can be damaged by hail and weaken the ability of it to prevent water from being able to seep through. The insulation underneath can be compromised as well since it can dent and also separate from the structure of the roof. All of this can weaken the roofing membrane. When this occurs, sooner or later more serious problems with your roof can develop.

Start by visually inspecting your roof from the ground. Walk around the property and take photos from various angles of all the immediate surroundings. Following a hailstorm, it is important to document and capture the aftermath. Then go up on the roof and search for any signs of strange colors, cracks, dents, and loose materials inside the gutter.

Contact a Commercial Roofing Contractor You Trust

As you are preparing to inspect your roof, follow these guidelines:

– Wear soft-soled shoes that fit you properly. Use a reliable and sturdy ladder. Have another individual spot for you. Use white chalk for marking damaged areas. Take your camera or mobile phone with you so you can photograph the damage.

The adhesive damage between the roof membrane and insulation can be damaged by hail. Once the attachment has been weakened, it continues to deteriorate. Over the years, another serious weather event may cause the membrane to become completely separated from the insulation. Only one hailstorm from the past can cause the bonding to become initially damaged and result in other damage years down the road.  

Can A Small Hailstorm Damage A Roof?

How much damage can be sustained by your roof from hail is not just dependent on the hail size. Sharp small hailstones can cause severe damage. Hailstones that are less than one inch may damage your roof while 4-inch hailstones may not cause any damage. Any hailstone that is one inch or bigger typically damages the roof somehow. Other factors that may contribute to damage include the condition and age of your roof, how intense the storm is, the type of substrate, and the direction and speed of the wind.

Roofing Materials And Their Hail Resistance Level

– Metal roofs: Dents can be caused by hailstorms
– Ballasted roof systems: They will usually hold up quite well against hail unless they are close to the end of their life.  
– Sprayed foam roofs: This type of roof is very vulnerable to hail damage. Following a hailstorm, it is an absolute must to immediately inspect your roof.  
– TPO or PVC roofs: Damage will vary by the thickness and age of the membrane, the scrim’s density, and the kind of substrate
– Bitumen/Built-Up roofs: Any ridges or blisters can be broken by hailstorms  

Take These Steps To Keep Your Commercial Property Protected Following A Hailstorm

Once a storm is over walk around and through your building to look for any signs of damage and problems that need to be addressed. Then follow the guidelines below to keep your building protected against additional damage:

– Move wet items into a dry and safe location
– Nail boards over windows that are damaged
– Cover your car and roof with tarps

Repair or Replace Following Roof Damage?

At first, damage caused by hail may not be significant. However, it can significantly shorten your roof’s lifespan. Your roof should be inspected for the following issues:

– Roofing material pieces in gutters and downspouts
– Damage to vents and skylights
– Large holes or dents
– Missing shingles

These kinds of damage need to be immediately repaired. Otherwise, the membrane of the roof will keep deteriorating and ultimately will be unable to keep your building protected. Speak to one of our roofing experts to determine the best course of action to take.

To mitigate any potential problems early on to make sure your roof continues to keep your property, call Taurus Elite Roofing to have a comprehensive roof inspection done. Taurus Elite has many years of experience inspecting, installing, and repairing commercial metal roofing systems on industrial and commercial buildings. We have been trained to identify and detect all possible types of roof damage. If we identify any damage, we will work closely with your property insurer and you to determine the most cost-effective and suitable way to deal with the problem.  

If you need assistance with commercial metal roof hail damage, call Armadillo Metal Roofing. We specialize in solutions for commercial metal roofs. If you have hail damage to any other type of commercial roofing, contact us through ArmadilloRoofing.com

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