Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Solid and Reliable Commercial Metal Roof Repair

Roofing systems constructed with metal provide many benefits over other systems but will still periodically need commercial metal roof repair. The lifespan of a metal roof is generally two times as long as the other roofing types. In fact, a metal roof can last 40 years or longer. They also do not need as much upkeep and maintenance.

Here as are some of the advantages of a metal roofing system:

– Lifespan can range from 40 to 50 years
– Durable, watertight solution for the long term
– High in energy efficiency
– Works very well with solar panels
– Lower energy bill
– Very reasonable in cost
– Can be installed with insulation
– No need to remove old roof
– Attractive appearance

With that said, you still need to be mindful of the nature of metal. The metal material does expand and contract more in comparison to the other types of roofing materials. This will affect the integrity of the seams, flashing, and fasteners. Over time, these parts may separate and allow moisture to leak through. You must inspect the metal roof on a routine basis in order to prevent major issues. If you allow issues to go unchecked, they will result in the replacement of the roof much sooner.

A roof replacement is expensive. In order to keep costs down, regular upkeep and repair of the roof is necessary to extend the life of the roof. This allows a company to budget for a roof replacement further down the road. Routine maintenance can uncover minor roof issues that can be addressed and repaired before they become a more expensive problem. We can inspect your roof each year and present the findings to you so you can decide whether you need to repair or to replace it.

Flat roofing systems may cost less up front. However, these solutions are not as durable. Flat roofs have a much shorter lifespan. Over the long-term, they will need more maintenance and repair, which may end up costing you more in the long run.

Commercial Metal Roof repair ContractorsIf you have a large commercial building and you want to install a metal roof, you can lower your cost by roll forming the metal panels on site rather than ordering the panels from the manufacturer. You save money by not using a middle man. The roof panels can be cut to the exact dimensions and installed together without using horizontal lap joints.

Industry studies indicate that over 50% of the modern commercial buildings in the nation use metal roofing systems. This shows that business owners see the many advantages of installing a metal roof. The popularity has created a demand for roofers who are skilled in restoring and repairing metal roofs. Metal roofs are a smart investment.

Possible Issues With Commercial Metal Roofing

A regular maintenance routine is necessary in order to uncover potential issues before they become something more serious. Uncovering and addressing these issues early can extend the life of your roof. The most common problem is water leakage. Leaks are usually caused by substandard installation processes. If the roof is not protected from bad weather elements in the right way, problems will ensue. A roofing expert knows what to look for when he inspects the roof. He can easily identify these problems and repair them before they become a bigger issue.

Below are several common problems that can lead to roof leaks on a commercial metal roof. Your roofing contractor will inform you if he sees any of these.

What Will A Commercial Metal Roof Contractor Do For You?

Your roofing expert will look for these things during a roof inspection:

– Roofing panels and trim improperly caulked
– Substandard sealant around roof panel laps and eaves
– Poor sealant beneath heads of screws

The roofer will use specialized tools designed to check the integrity of the sealant over the entire roof. The tool can fit into tight and narrow spaces. If panels are found to be not properly sealed, these panels must be removed and reinstalled using the proper technique. Only then can you be assured that the panels are sealed correctly.

Metal roof problems can be caused by other reasons. Sometimes the design of the roof is to blame for the leaks. For instance, if the roofing seams are shaped like a trapezoid and the eave’s closure strips do not fit well, it very likely will lead to a leak. In addition, if the closures at the end of the gutter and drains along the roof are not designed correctly, they will not be watertight. They will overflow and you will end up with a leak problem. If everything was designed correctly but it was caulked incorrectly with the wrong sealant, you will still end up with a leaky roof.

Besides the gutters and drains, other parts of your roof also require inspection. The roof’s seams and open penetrations are two examples. The places where the metal roof panels cross over to other building materials, like the ridge vents or masonry, are also potential areas where leaks can occur.

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