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There are many notable features associated with metal roofing systems that managers and property owners admire, causing them to choose this particular roofing system for any and all of their commercial properties while doing roofing replacements, or new construction projects. The following features are worth noting:

Longer Lifespans

Low slope steel, specifically that which is associated with standing metal roofing, is shown to have a much longer life expectancy, lasting up to 60 years. This is also true for commercial buildings, yet there is one factor that may be a deciding factor, such as energy efficiency levels being much higher, and maintenance and operating expenses being very low. There are other benefits associated with metal roofing, as well as the wall panels that contractors may use, affecting in a positive way the building performance, leading to sustainability, durability, and longevity. All of these benefits can improve the overall performance of such installations, especially when compared to shingle-based roofing systems.

If you are going to improve a metal roof, it does not always have to be replaced. There are environmental benefits, for property owners, primarily because replacing an entire roof is no longer a mandatory need.

Durability Factors

As most contractors know, metal roofing materials are much better for weather conditions that are extreme, mostly because of their resiliency, and the ability to last many additional years. Wall panels and roofing materials such as these are very good when it comes to wind resistance, fire resistance, and the prevention of water and air leaking in or out. Third-party testing has also confirmed this. For example, high winds may reach as high as 140 mph, yet these buildings will be weathertight and also extremely durable.

Sustainability Factors

Much of the material used to create metal roofing panels can be up to 35% recycled materials, and at the end of their life, when they are replaced, 100% of that material can be recycled and reused catering to energy efficiency standards. Metal roofing is often coated with materials that can be very reflective, such as Cool Roof finishes, helping to reflect the infrared radiation produced by the sun, thus lowering the temperatures, especially when compared to uncoated roofing materials which can lead to lowering cooling and heating expenses.

In addition to using these energy producing materials, which are energy efficient, there are other reasons to do so. They are very good at forming strong insulation, maximizing the energy efficiency of any structure upon which they are built. Additionally, you can easily install solar energy systems. On a metal roof, you can feel confident that they will not be penetrated by wind or water, thus presenting a very minimal risk.

These are just a few of the benefits associated with using metal roofing for residential, commercial, industrial, and even agricultural applications.

When dealing with hazards related to fire, wind, or any form of precipitation, a commercial building’s first line of defense is often the roof. It can also be a very vulnerable portion of any structure. When elements of your structure are exposed to the weather, deterioration can occur, which can lead to damage in the roof as a result of rot and degradation.

You can protect your roof by using a good design and properly installing the roofing materials. Expertise should be implemented, going beyond the usual activities, that are often involved with installing a standard roof. By repairing problems, and maintaining and inspecting your roof regularly can help extend its longevity – the lifespan of a roof really comes down to proper care, and properly dealing with issues caused by the weather.

By identifying trouble spots, and fixing them right away, you can avoid what could become extensive problems that could be very expensive.

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